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"The Surf"

Here we take a different approach to the common surf camp. We have the in debt knowledge to offers not only the practical skills to learn how to surf, but also to impart knowledge about all other aspects around surfing due to only working with hands on top athletes in the sport. This makes us one of the few surf educated facilities where you are guaranteed to get real answers to any question about the surfing world.  

Whether you are new or old to the sport, we guarantee that your stay experience with us is unforgettable

Remi and his team are the are the key element to this. He  saw the mass production of new and un-educated surfers being produced making the line up not only full of high tensions and heated arguments but also a massive danger zone without order. ​


With us you'll learn the correct way from scratch when taking a lesson.

Alternatively you'll be confidant knowing you are rolling with a local who'll show the ropes around the bay.

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